Q: What happens if COVID-19 cases have risen in Australia and the awards cannot take place?

A: We have planned for various different scenarios based on different numbers. Rest assured the awards will take place on 12 November no matter what… the format may differ depending on the current situation by November. We will keep you informed!

Q: For Agency of the Year categories, does this mean I don’t need to create a book this year?   

A: Correct! Hard copies of entries are not required and instead you are being asked to submit a PDF of no more than 20 pages. Feel free to put your own style and flair into the design of your entry – but you do not need to print these this year.

Q: What is The Hub?

A: Our aim is for The Hub to become a resource that marketers and agencies can use to access  high award standard work. It should be a source of inspiration and learning and a place to find out the people were that worked on it. It should help marketers browse the region’s best agencies and decide who to invite to their next pitch. And it’s all ANZ specific.  

Q: Will anyone be able to view my entire entry on The Hub?

A: No! Your entry itself remains confidential. Only the part you submit for The Hub will be made public.

Q: Is The Hub mandatory?

A: No you can opt out. This is just a chance to showcase your best work and give credit to those who created it.

Q: My commercial results have been affected due to COVID-19, how will this affect judging?

We appreciate that 2020-2022 hasn’t been a boom year for the vast majority of agencies and other organisations in general. However, managing in a down turn is sadly a very real skill in this day and age and as such we anticipate most agencies demonstrating how they cut costs yet continued to foster a healthy culture as much as possible. Agencies that came up with innovate ways to reduce staff losses will no doubt be looked upon favourably by the judges.

Q: What is a hero board?

Hero board is a visual summary of your entry on one page. The Hero board should be clear, easy to read and concise text with relevant images. For Agency of the Year categories, please use your 2 case studies to form the content of your hero board.

Q: When and where is live judging day taking place and who needs to participate?

Wednesday 21st September 2022 – Live judging will take place in Sydney, NSW. Location will be communicated to finalists on announcement day. Finalists of all Agency of the Year categories, Marketing Team of the Year, Marketing Technology Company of the Year and People & Culture Award – will be required to present at the Live judging day. Non-Sydney based teams have the option to submit a 20minute presentation, shot in a single unedited take from a fixed camera.

Q: What is the cost per entry?

On time entry fee $499 +GST per entry (AUD). On time entry deadline is Monday 18th July 2022 (5pm AEST)
Late entry fee $599 +GST per entry (AUD). Late time deadline is Monday 25th July 2022 (5pm AEST)